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Patriot Dream Kit

Patriot Dream Kit includes enough Patriot Dream fabric, as designed by Renae Allen for Henry Glass, to complete the project with no waste, along with the Patriot Dream Project Book. The Patriot Dream Project Book includes over 140 quilting design ideas for 26 blocks and 2 borders. The 16 full color pages, with clear photographs and helpful tips, is also a valuable resource for other projects.

Choose between a Patriot Dream Throw, Quilt-n Tote Bag, or Runner project, or order extra material and complete all three projects. (See brochure for options)

Download Patriot Dream Kit Brochure

Skillbuilder Studio Vol. 2 Feather FUNdamentals

Skillbuilder Studio Vol. 2 Feather FUNdamentals teaches how to quilt the feather patterns everyone loves. Renae demonstrates 6 designs found on the Skillbuilder 2 fabric panel plus a quilt-as-you-go Feather Sampler, and a delightful freehand Feather Border Sampler. Learn the tips, techniques and tools for transferring, marking, designing and quilting feathers while you build your confidence and skill by applying these easy-to-follow directions.

All the designs and the quilt patterns demonstrated on the DVD can be downloaded free for your home use by using the password given on the DVD. Skillbuilder 2 fabric panel is a companion item but the six designs demonstrated are also available with the free download.

Download Feather FUNdamentals Brochure

Skillbuilder Studio Vol. 1

Skillbuilder Studio Volume 1 is a wonderful introduction to the tools and skills needed to create your own beautiful quilts. Through simple step-by-step instructions, Renae demonstrates the knowledge and techniques needed to become a proficient machine quilter. Whether you want to follow patterns and lines or learn to freehand, Skillbuilder Studio is the way to explore fabulous possibilities. Discover invaluable tips and quilting secrets that make the process easy and effective. With this DVD you can "take the class home" to learn in your own "quilting studio".

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Do the printed quilting guide lines wash out of the Skillbuilder panels?

The dye on the Skillbuilder panels is permanent and the lines do not wash out. Skillbuilder is designed as a practice fabric panel which looks more like a quilt rather than just quilting lines. We do not currently have the technology to have both permanent and temporary dye or it would all be unstable.

A suggestion from one quilter is to quilt the lines three different times with light, medium and dark thread for lots of practice, not expecting a finished product for show. Another quilter suggested using a fun fabric on the back and then displaying from the back. Still another suggested quilting it first with a wash-a-way thread. Then add another fabric over top of the Skillbuilder and quilt it again from the back using the wash-a-way stitching line as the guide. The first stitching would wash away and the Skillbuilder would be on the inside.

Design Builder quilt-ready practice fabric and tutorial book build on the the machine quilting basics developed in the Skillbuilder series, emphasizing general design selection, sizing, and transfer skills in Skillbuilder Mastery. It contains a variety of traditional and new quilting design ideas for the six traditional blocks printed on the panel plus ideas for borders, sashings, and corner posts.

The "Tips and Tricks" throughout the book give suggestions for both traditional and long arm quilting. Pictures and diagrams combine some of the designs to show the panel quilted with five different themes: Feathers, Lines and Circles, Loops and Swirls, Flowers and an overall pantograph. The designs in the book combined with creativity on the part of a teacher and a quilter could yield countless quilting alternatives for many different quilts. Design Builder CD is included with the book and contains all the patterns in the book, block templates, and a resize calculator to compute the percentage to mechanically enlarge or reduce designs. It does not require installation and runs with Windows Explorer™. The book and CD combination is an excellent dollar value for the customer and easy for the store to display and market.

Design Builder fabric panel is a great practice tool for the learner to quilt without the anxiety that is present when time and money has been invested in a pieced top. It differs from our Skillbuilder panels because quilting lines are omitted to allow freehand pattern practice, design choice; and use of aids such as templates, rulers and pantographs. It is also valuable to experiment with different marking and transferring tools or to test various threads and batting. Panels can be stitched together to make a larger quilt top for long and midarm practice. Come visit us in Booth #1327 at International Quilt Market in Pittsburg. Our School House class will teach how to market and teach classes using Design Builder and how to use it to increase sales of other products. Our Sample Spree packet will have all three exciting new products at a great introductory price. Stop by our booth to receive a free pattern.


In answer to customers requests for more Skillbuilder machine quilting learning helps, we are pleased to announce the release of the new Skillbuilder Mastery series: three totally new products designed to boost machine quilting skills and transition the beginner from practice panels to crafting real quilts.

The Skillbuilder 3 Mastery fabric panel offers color panel patterns more intricated than those in the basic Skillbuilder 1 & 2 series, with blocks, triangles and borders printed with 46 different designs, when quilting is complete, it makes a beautiful finished quilt. Based on the patent pending convenient and effective fabrics panels with printed guide patterns, Skillbuilder 3 offers fun ideas and challenges to vault to a level of confidence and creativity in machine quilting.

Skillbuilder Mastery CD-ROM allows learners to size and print new designs in the *Skillbuilder Mastery* and Skillbuilder 3 practice panel. It also includes designs from Skillbuilder 1 & 2 and many more. A picture gallery shows all three Skillbuilders, three sampler quilts and a feathered baby quilt. The CD also has a conversion calculator for enlarging and reducing patterns. Skillbuilder Mastery CD is user friendly, self contained, and requires no additional software to run.

Product Announcement:

4/22/07-RGA Design Quilts announces the arrival of our newest all-fabric machine quilting practice panels. Unlike paper prints or stencils, Skillbuilder unique printed fabric gives the identical feel, flow, and finish of actual quilts. Together with the step-by-step illustrations of the Skillbuilder Companion booklet, RGA Design offers the most complete solution for magnifying machine quilting skills in beginners, hobbyists and professionals alike. Available now online at

Trade Shows:

4/20/07-Visit RGA Design together with partner Scraps of Time Quilts (booth #1504) at the International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, Utah, May 4th-6th, 2007. Get a first-chance look at our breakthrough quilt-education products and captivating quilt designs for all quilters, beginners through expert. Marketing materials, product displays, and samples will be available for retailers looking for eye-catching new products.

Learn how to offer an on-going introductory machine quilting class using our new products Thursday at 2:20 P.M. , Rm. 253B. Immediately following at 2:40 is Janet Selck's presentation on enhancing sales using her two new Scraps of Time design books. And don't miss us at Sample Spree--we'll be there with samples of our latest products.

Our story:

RGA Design Quilts was founded in 2006 by Renae Allen with the idea of making machine quilting easier for everyone. Renae, a mother and enthusiastic educator, has taken part in a number of successful creative endeavors including Janet Selck’s popular and heart warming Scraps of Time quilt design publications, and successful a series of introductory machine quilting courses—the inspiration for the exciting new Skillbuilder machine quilting fabrics, and the essential Skillbuilder Companion resource guide book.

Renae shares years of quilting education experience and a can-do attitude to make machine quilting both approachable for learners and masterable for experienced quilters looking for new designs and techniques to add the finishing touches to their quilts. Whether for business or pleasure, machine quilting is an essential skill that adds a touch of refinement and enduring beauty to each unique creation. Let Renae’s experience and affordable learning tools give vision to your next quilting creation, and fill your sails with ambition, and the quiet confindence that let’s you stitch love into every curve and curl in your heart’s creations.

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